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Restorative Yoga
Teacher Training

30h YA® Restorative Yoga Teacher 8+9 June & 6+7 July 

Do you like to share the gift of relaxation with Restorative Yoga and let people feel the absolute comfort in a yoga pose so that they arrive in the moment? Maybe you want to integrate Restorative Yoga into the classes you already teach or make yourself a gift with Restorative Yoga. Doris Lilienweiss has set up a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training to share the gift of giving Restorative Yoga classes in a most benefitial way. 


  • Learn how to plan, organize and teach Restorative Yoga classes and specific and effective de-stress classes 
  • Become familiar with more than 35 restorative asanas in detail, including variations and corrections
  • Study to use bolster, blocks and belts (yoga props) effectively
  • Explore therapeutic restorative yoga applications
  • You discover the latest scientific research on the benefits of deep relaxation, mindfulness and stress effects
  • Learn about the brain, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and the polyvagal theory of Steven Porges
  • Practice and teach the specific breathwork/Pranayama for the restorative class
  • Become familiar with tools to teach deep relaxation classes including creating and holding the space 
  • Get introduced in the understanding of specific ancient Sutras related to restorative philosophy
  • Learn special relaxation and mindfulness exercises
  • Explore how can you renew and recharge yourself with the Restorative Yoga practice


Restorative Yoga is a yoga style designed to relax, restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirt. In a Restorative class you find long-held poses supported with blankets, bolster, the wall and chairs in a general atmosphere of ease and calm. Because of its passive art  you start listening to your body, surrendering in the most comfortable yoga pose. The experience of the moment is central. Restorative Yoga is sometimes called the „Yoga of Being“.


Restorative Yoga works mainly on the nervous system bringing calmness, relaxation and clarity. The practice is connected to the breath and meditation. During the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training you practice daily and you deepen and consolidate your knowledge of the individual postures, variations and their effect on the body. Restorative Yoga pose can be „tailored“ to the individual participant and his or her conditions. You learn how to support with bolster, blankets and blocks. For each pose I show you opportunities to support the body in the pose. You learn consciously and the Restorative Yoga teacher Training is an enrichment dor your own personal wellbeing and for the yoga classes, groups and individuals, you teach.


DATES: Saturdays & Sundays, 8 + 9June  & 6 + 7 July – 28 contact hours plus 2 non-contact hours YA® registration

TIMES: 9:30-17:30 (incl. 70 min. lunch break)  

INCLUDING: Certification, trainings manual & tea


LOCATION: Yogahouse Arnhem

Putstraat 11; 6822 BE Arnhem

PRICE: € 699 incl. 21%VAT)