Mindfulness 8-week MBSR Training

Here you find audio-files and other material for the 8-week MBSR course.

Audio Files

Lotus Imane

Bodyscan - aandacht voor je lijf

Lotus Imane

Zitten in aandacht: aandacht voor je adem

Lotus Imane

Zitten in aandacht - 33 min meditatie


„Through MiNDFULNESS MUSEUM I was able to build a real human relationship with the exhibition. This automatically led to greater confidence during my museum tours. I was now able to transfer the connection I felt to the exhibition to the audience during my tours.“ 

Theodoor Adriaans, museum educator &  artist

„When I enter a room in a museum or gallery  I scan the space and select a few works to look at them more closely. During MiNDFULNESS MUSEUM, the rest of the room was no longer important. I was completely connected to one object. After the lesson, we told each other about our experiences. Sharing this with others and talking about it was very valuable for me.“ 

Carin Schuring, art historian & teacher

„Thank you for opening my heart and mind again to the beauty of art. I have experienced a new sense of looking, but most importantly I have experienced art in a different way with all my senses. „ 

Cathelijn Wagener, fashion designer 


Doris Lilienweiss


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