Awaken your

Lotus Heart


       „Bright but hidden the self dwells in the heart “                                                                                                                                                                              – Upanishad


Awaken your Lotus Heart | Retreat Ibiza 23-28 May 2023

How would it be if what the mind recognizes as true the heart experiences as love? How vital does if feel to breath while body and heart pulsating as one? It is the awakening of the heart where we experience freedom and discover our true nature. Dive in your Lotus Heart on the magnificant Island of Ibiza at the Heart Lotus retreat center.  Enjoy your yoga practice on a journey that honors the multi-facets of your heart.

Nourish your body-mind-heart with two times a day yoga in the splendid nature surrounding where you enjoy yoga as a spiritual practice for awakening the heart including all aspects: the practice of asana, pranayama and breath work, meditation, mantra and mudra and the all over integration of the non-dual tantra philosophy.

You practice outside yoga, return and connect to your self. The morning practice is characterized by dynamic flow and physical alignment with the Anusara yoga principles along with heart centered class themes. In the evening it becomes more subtle, sweeter and  your yoga practice is calmer. There is the for feeling and encountering: Pranayama and meditation deepen the experience of your heart and the connection to your Self.

The Lotus heaRt Center

Louts Heart Center

Authentic finca

Yoga Platform Lotus Heart

Outdoor Yoga platform

Ibiza beach

Ocean view

Yoga Platform Lotus Heart

The Lotus Heart Center

The Lotus Heart Center is an authentic finca with an outdoor yoga platform on the hills of the green North of Ibiza with view over the ocean side. You enjoy healthy fresh made foot, hikes in nature and a dive in the close by ocean. Peter van den Burg from Yoga Terschelling is our host at Lotus Heart Center. A certified Yoga teacher himself Peter organizes yoga retreats since 15 years and he knows how to facilitate a retreat successfully.  He will guide one body awareness session and will be our guide at the location Lotus Heart.

Tuesday – Sunday, 23 – 28 May 2023

Arrival day:
18.00 Welcome practice followed by dinner

Yoga session in the morning and afternoon
Thursday afternoon free

Departure day:
8.00 – 9.30 practice followed by breakfast

Lotus Heart Center

North of Ibiza, close to Cala St Vincente

Shared 2-bed-room: 875 € (2 single beds)

Single room: 1050 € (limited capacity)


Accommodation Lotus Heart Center: Authentic finca surrounded by nature and fruit trees, 3 showers and WC´s, outdoor shower and several terraces.  10 min with car to the beach.

– Vegan/vegetarian full board (brunch + dinner), approx. 20 hours of yoga consisting of asana, pranayama, meditation & reflection.

Additional: individual arrival / transfer airport-Open Lotus Retreat Center 35€

If you like to arrive one night earlier or stay one more night longer that is possible at Open Lotus Center  for 50€/per night.

For your enrollment send me an e-mail:



North Portugal Retreat 

Anusara Yoga meets Yin-Restorative Yoga at Spa Hotel Feel Viana | 02-09 September 2023

At this retreat you give yourself time to connect with yourself and with the splendid nature surrounding at the Portugues Atlantic coast in the beautiful Spa Hotel Feel Viana.

In the morning you enjoy Anusara Yoga classes wich are alignment-based and unite you with your inner strength in a natural, dynamic and energizing way. Playfully you learn the five-element-flow of the earth, water, fire, air and space element. The evening yoga classes emphasize the deeper connective tissue and joint structures theming the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. The sessions are calming, meditative and always close to your breath. You enjoy the time letting yourself be carried to let go. Both, beginners and more advanced yoga practitioner are welcome to refine the personal  yoga practice energizing the body-mind-heart in a holistic way.

Experience clarity and silence at the Spa Hotel Feel Viana, enjoy reading a book at the indoor and outdoor house pools and the magic of the Portuguese Atlantic coast, only a few meters away from Hotel Feel Viana. During your retreat you can go for hikes, wave or kite surfing or Mountain biking 

This retreat is in German language.  You find more information and details on the website of my travel partner Neue Wege Reisen where you can book the retreat. 

„The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth“                                                             – Rumi