Rebalance coaching program

Transform stress and burn-out in self-love

Doris Lilienweiss

Rebalance coaching program : Transform stress and burn-out in self-love

Sometimes life feels overwhelming and you experience stress not only as a momentum in your life. You feel everything is to much.

The 8 week Jai Ma Yoga rebalance coaching program is dedicated to improving your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing restoring you to a more balanced life.

The program consists of six pillars.


Pillar one: Yoga

In the program, we use burnout friendly yoga with gentle breathing techniques . The yoga classes will ground you in your body and they are tailor-made to your individual needs.


Pillar two: Meditation

The program integrates guided meditation to calm and sooth the mind and your emotions .  


Pillar three: Coaching

You reflect on your self through life coaching and journaling.


Pillar four: Ayurveda

We use analytics and practices from Ayurveda (science of life) to re-define your personal wellbeing.


Pillar five: Personal coaching

Along the program we work on a one-on-one basis to support and heal aspects of burn-out and stress, such as facing fear, doubt and self limiting beliefs.


Pillar six: Weekly wellbeing plan

We develop your personal well being map by creating wellness frames for each day of your week.


 In the program we work on changing a pattern, letting go and turning habits into positive meaning for you. All information will be shared in pieces in a not overwhelming way so that you can digest easily without overfeeding you.

 To get to know each other, we plan an intake conversation of 15 minutes.

Its purpose is to get to know you better and to get to know who you are and what you need. Also, I like to know if the program resonates with you.

 Each one-on-one session is 60 minutes long. The cost for the 8 week long Jai Ma Rebalance program are 560 €. If your employee pays for the program for you we add 21% tax. Along with the program, we give you advice on what kind of group yoga classes you can visit so that you can stay with yoga once the program finishes.

 After your intake conversation, we can start immediately with the program. Yoga experience is not necessary.

Once we start the program it is good to keep a weekly appointment. Nevertheless, if you can not manage to come, we can move the appointment to the next week (one time).

 The Jai Ma Yoga Rebalance coaching program is  available live at my studio in Arnhem or via zoom from the comfort of your home in Dutch, German or English language. lead contact me: