Ecstatic dance arnhem

Experience  Yourself!

 Ecstatic Dance Arnhem is an invitation to move your body with the highest degree of freedom grounding in the present moment. Ecstatic Dance works without expectations and judgement. The music takes you on a journey to your natural higher self without taking substances and the distraction of your phone. If you love to move and get unstuck our spacious barefoot-dance floor is waiting for you at our location, the dancehall at MFC Klarendal in Arnhem. Two hours of dance are connecting you to your creative space of inner inspiration and intuition. Me and my community-minded team of Ecstatic Dance Arnhem care for a safe space, a professional DJ and a sublime all over dance journey so that you can experience your Self.


Martyn Zij

Friday, 8th of March Martyn

Shanto Ecstatic Dance

Saturday, 22th of March Shanto

Martyn Zij

Friday, 5th of April Kareem

Martyn Zij

Friday, 19th of April Martyn


Saturday, 10th of May Sefrijn

DJ Carolien

Friday, 24th of May Carolien

Coming events

31st od Mai DJ Kareem Raihani

14th of June DJ Iradi 

  28th of June DJ Winged Wencke

Love not for your agenda:

16-22 September 2024: Ecstatic Dance Festival Europe „The Ashram Journey“

 your evening

This is your evening at Ecstatic Dance Arnhem:

19:00-19:30: Doors open at MFC Klarendal 

19:30-20:00: Opening/Ceremony

20:00 – 22:00: Ecstatic Dance with our DJ of the evening 

22:00 – Closing Circle – connecting talk or individual silence  


Address: Dancehall MFC Klarendal; Kazerneplein 2; 8822 ET Arnhem

 Entrance at Verlengde Hoflaan 107 on the backside of the building at the street site

Take the green stair way to the dancehall to the 1st floor.


  • Please be on time. The central entrance door will close at 20:00 and we can not be on our phones inside. 
  • Come in easy-fitting clothes and, if necessary, bring a dry shirt and/or towel.
  • Bring your own water bottle for your heath and the planet. Do no forget to take your bottle home after your dance.  
  • Beyond our guidelines, attending the meeting is at your own risk. We therefore want to keep the responsibility with the participants. We assume that everyone can judge for themselves whether to participate responsibly or whether they belong to any „risk group“. 
  • We trust that all participants have read the above guidelines and will handle them carefully with respect for themselves and others. 
  •  Ticket price at location 2 € more, cash (please have in mind that we might not have change) 
  • Please note: Returning tickets once purchased is not possible. No refunds will be made unless the event is cancelled by the organisers. If prevented, it is possible to offer your ticket on the Facebook page or Telegram group.


Our team of volunteers values consciousness, connection, inclusion and light-heartedness. Creating and holding a safe space we welcome you on our dance floor where all bodies are welcome  – sober, silent and without the distraction of devices.  Our focus is on the music journey so that you dance your happy feat, sweating and unleashing the magic you are born to be.  As soon as you enter the space you are a co-creater of a culture of support, inclusion and trust looking for consent and care where we look out for each other.


„Your body feels the Rhythm, your Feet translate in Movement and you let Dance become a way of transformation“                                                             – LILYWHITE