Grow in spirit

I love to share the energizing quality of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Yoga and meditation increase inner strength and flexibility as well as stillness, tranquility and peace. All these attributes are necessary to listen and to grow in spirit which is my deep intention.

Doris Lilienweiss

Experience yourself! 

I believe that growth happens from a deeper level of connection with your Self. Thereby yoga, meditation and mindfulness are pathways to your inner landscape. Inside you experience yourself and design your life with meaning and inner freedom of your heart.

Growth is changeable and nonlinear and as human beings we make experiences and learn, we grow to what our heart already holds: beauty, joy, abundance, love and inner freedom. From my experience yoga, meditation, mindfulness and conscious dance are  pathways to my inner landscape promoting the exploration of my inner garden. Thereby my own dedication and process is more important then the result or the outer form. A solid foundation and my natural inner attitude to a higher nature let me embrace challenges of life. Along the way I continue to grow in spirit, spirit in the sense of aware- and  consciousness.

I am reliable, open, skillful, practical and light-hearted in my work and can look back on working with people from all walks of life. Currently I cooperating with the Museum Arnhem creating, designing  and guiding the program „Mindfulness in het museum„.  What I really love is to inspire, support and see humans thrive on their path of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. My life experience and my trainings with regarded international yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher (mostly Anusara Yoga related or Kaschmir Shaiva Tantra philosophy) fused in my 200h Yoga Teacher Training  which I named Jai Ma, a praise to the great mother, to the great goddess and to Mother Earth. I have trained more than 150 Yoga Teacher with a 200 h RYT® certification in the Netherlands and Germany. In 2005 I was initiated to my path of yoga by the western Indian Brahman, Sivan Nambhoothiri of Integral Yoga Berlin | Yoga Vihar, a classical path of yoga (advaita-vedanta) and I am grateful for the direct transmission and exchange in my early years of yoga practice. A great inspiration to me are female teacher, like Sally Kempton (Meditation) and Sianna Sherman.  I immersed shortly in Kunadlini yoga and studied intensively Anusara Yoga and its tantric yoga philosophy. Now I am an experienced 500+ hour E-RYT® certified yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher and trainer with Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Therapeutic yoga, Yin yoga, Pre- and Postnatal yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I am passionate about visiting philosophy trainings emphasizing on Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of the heart, with teacher like Bill Mahony. Recently I have published several articles in the German magazine Yoga-Aktuell, regularly teach at the Dutch Yoga festival Terschelling. Next to yoga I facilitate Ecstatic Dance Arnhem and followed two 5-days Ecstatic Dance Trainings (Facilitator and DJ Training).

I am living with my two sons, my husband Bjorn and our dog in Nijmegen since 2011, moving from Berlin gratuated from University,  to live at the woods close to nature where the horses and bisons live wild at the river Waal. Here I have been running my studio Yogapoint Arnhem for six years. Now I like to make more impact creating more trainings and offering more events for health and wellbeing.  I love to visit german speaking countries and friends for offering my Jai Ma Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training as well as workshops and other events on invitation. Thank you for joining me on the path of yoga, wellbeing and consciousness.