Grow in spirit

I believe that growth happens from a deeper level of connection with your Self. Thereby yoga and meditation is a pathway to your inner landscape from where you design your life of meaning and inner freedom of the heart.

Doris Lilienweiss

Yoga Teacher Training

My 200 hour RYT® Jai Ma Flow Yoga Teacher Training is a program to deepen your yoga-practice and to become a certified yoga teacher. The alignment based Jai Ma Flow Yoga Teacher Training is inspired by the great five elements earth, water, fire, air and wind. The aim of my training is that you can teach dynamic and less dynamic yoga classes in a safe and and meaningful way. I offer my Jai Ma Yoga Teacher at Yogapoint Arnhem, the Netherlands and on invitation in german speaking countries. The next first module of the Jai Ma Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings start in September 2022  in Arnhem, the Netherlands.



Following a purpose with each session my teaching is a combination of challenging asana sequences and relaxation. The focus is on therapeutic alignment. A clear guidance keeps you grounded and safe in your practice. Withal the challenging parts of the practice are filled with light-heartedness and humor. With depth of experience I enjoy to combine the traditions with the innovations of Yoga, teaching with the knowledge of therapeutic asana from the Anusara Yoga method in different pace, from Vinyasa over Restorative Yoga to meditation.

My recent interest is to deepen the wisdom and practices of yoga inherent in the traditions and ancient texts of Shaiva Tantra.


One-on-one sessions

In my one-on-one sessions I offer you to deepen your own yoga practice with embodiment and understanding of yoga. My holistic approach includes body, heart and mind to create connection, learning and growth. In the sense of growth the one-on-one sessions are also for yoga teacher who like to reflect on their yoga teachings and career as a teacher with me. One-on-ones are online via zoom or live at my studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands.



Next to my online classes at my studio Yogapoint Arnhem and my one-on-one sessions you can book with me an 8 week course “Yoga Philosophy.   Shaiva Tantra vivid and alive”. My newest online program is “Inspire – (Re-) define your life purpose” … coming online soon. My online program “Yoga Rebalancing for stress and burn-out” is the support when life challenges you in an extraordinary way.


Yoga Retreats

Truly a journey to yourself. I offer retreats where you can enjoy a complete daily yoga program and a beautiful and caring location. You travel with me and my partner Neue Wege Reisen in a sustainable and climate friendly way. You will leave with practical ideas and inspirations for maintaining and supporting your wellbeing in your daily life back home.


Public classes

You meet me in public classes at my studio  Yogapoint Arnhem, in the Netherlands.